Pimp My Zimmer

News - July 2018

Our residents at Thomas House recently took part in the national 'Pimp My Zimmer' campaign where by they personalised there walking aids with the aim of reducing the number of falls.


The ‘Pimp my Zimmer’ activity, a scheme developed by care homes in Essex last year, has been gathering popularity across the rest of the UK due to its links in reducing fall amongst residents because of the personalisation of walking aids. Residents often fail to recognise their undecorated walking aids and consequently forget to use it and so 'pimping' their walking sticks or zimmers aims to combat this issue 

The decoration and personalisation of walking aids enables residents to recognise and identify their personal frame as each one looks unique. The bright colours make it easier for residents to spot their frame over the generic, uninspiring grey metal frames. Additionally the bright colours help residents with cognitive impairments, such as dementia, to see their frame thus reminding them to use it while moving around the home.

More information can be found by clicking here

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